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Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads with Niña Mendoza

Fill your email list to the brim with "ready-to-buy" leads using laser targeted Facebook Advertising strategies that pros use from Facebook Ads Expert Nina Mendoza.

Want to learn from Nina live?

Facebook Ads Basic: For Small Business Owners and Freelancers
(Sept 23, 2017)

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Facebook Ads Advanced Class: Understanding Pixels and Reports
(Sept 30, 2017)

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How to Create A Massive Friend’s List of Ready Buyers from Facebook (Even if You’re A Complete Nobody)

Who else wants to have an audience of PROVEN buyers that hangs on their every word without the need for a blog, Facebook page, or a Facebook group for that matter.

That’s exactly what Mitch Miller, big boss of Opposed Media, will reveal in this action-packed interview.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • Find out where proven buyers hang out (& how to get noticed)
  • How to “deep-dive” methodology of answering questions that positions yourself as an authority
  • Facebook Post Secrets: Profitable copy techniques that make your posts just plain irresistible
  • Don’t offer your services (that’s suicide), do this instead…

“Aha!” Moment

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Sniper Aim: Get Highly Targeted Leads with Just 2 Simple Tweaks | Digital Solopreneur

Sniper Aim: Get Highly Targeted Leads with Just 2 Simple Tweaks

Just like any kid, I was curious the first time I saw a magnet magically pulled a paper clip.

Mind blown.

You then go around trying to “magnetize” everything you can see.

It was super exciting!

Unfortunately, that mentality tends to carry over when we create a blog. That’s the case as well with our Divine Ayungo C.P.A.

She tries to attract everyone she sees as potential clients but wind up finding some “bad apples” that cause her to get white-hair inducing headache. (just an expression, I’m sure she has wonderful hair)

That’s not all.

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