Email Marketing Crash Course

Part 1 of 3

Welcome to this 3-part course presented by Digital Solopreneur. We recommend that you turn off all notifications and distractions and take notes while watching the videos below. Putting into practice what you learn here will be well worth your time and attention.

VIDEO #1. Introduction

A quick intro about your trainer Allan Ngo and an overview of the 3 Ps that will be the foundation of your core training — Preparation, Persuasion and Publication.

VIDEO #2. Why Email Marketing is Still the Best Way to Sell Online

Discover why the good ol’ email is still the best way to sell online. In fact, it’s so good, it can help make you the most powerful person in the world. (…Just ask former U.S. President Barack Obama). If you’re relying all your digital marketing on JUST social media, you better watch this… NOW.

VIDEO #3. Behind the Scenes: How Email Marketing Really Works

Find out how home tv shopping can make your a better email marketer, why NOT being good at words is actually an advantage and the critical mindset shifts that may change the way you see selling forever.

VIDEO #4. Mind Reading: How to Find Out What Your Market Wants And Give It To Them

IMPORTANT: This module holds 50% of the secret to making people buy from you. You'll learn the 3 kinds of mind reading exercises that'll allow you to talk to your prospect's deepest need and make your competition irrelevant.

VIDEO #5. Market Awareness: How to Hit the Bulls-Eye Everytime Even If You Have a Moving Target

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in messaging. Find out how to find the best message to the right market at the perfect time. (Plus! An product launch example that hits all levels in one sequence)

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