Hit Send, Get Paid Workshop

It's a half-day event where you'll learn an end-to-end approach to going from raw data to banging out 

Hit Send, Get Paid Workshop

It's Allan again.
Great news!
Registration for our very first live event is now open!

Before I get into the details, let me tell you WHY I'm doing this.

My roots are in affiliate marketing.
You know the term "action speaks louder than words?"

That's my reason why joining product launches as an affiliate is one of the best real-world marketing education out there.

Because when money is on the line
these product owners don't kid around.
They only focus on what works.
And I get a front seat view of how things work.
Sure there's a lot of ways you can sell online -- social media and webinars just to name a couple.
But these entrepreneurs devote 90% of their time on just one thing...


That's what allowed digital solopreneurs like myself generate 6-figure launches as an affiliate and product owner even if we don't have any sort of social media following.

It's also why product owners are willing to invest in email copywriters… where some of the best earn twice as much as a PBA player like James Yap.

(PBA maximum salary = Php420,000)

And people are taking notice…

The demand for skilled email copywriters is growing.

And you want to be ahead of the game.

But alas... life happens.

That video course is gathering digital dust.

Or that PDF lies somewhere deep inside your hard drive.

Sometimes, to make meaningful change in your life, you just need to escape everything and hunker down to do the work.

That's what this workshop is all about.

Life-tested strategy.

Learned by doing.

While still leaving you with enough of your Saturday to enjoy and chill.

One- Sentence Summary

It's a half-day event where you'll learn an end-to-end approach to going from raw data to banging out persuasive email copy in any market.



Event: Hit Send, Get Paid Workshop

Date: November 18, 2017 (Saturday)

Time: 1:30pm - 4:30pm (Registration starts at 1pm)

Venue: One Global Place, V Office, Level 10-1 One Global Place, 25th Street & 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Metro Manila 1634


1. Mind Reading Mastery

The craft of discovering the deepest desires & pains of your market that virtually gives you a skeleton key to grabbing your subscriber's attention when you hit that send button.

Sneak Peak:
A technique so powerful that gets total strangers opening up with their life story giving you information your competitors will die in envy for.

Sneaky subconscious phone interview scripts that unlock your audience's deepest desires even their best friends don't know about... Do this right and you'll be amazed how easily you can get their attention and leave them wondering... "Did he just read my mind?"

2. Persuasion Aikido

Discover the subtle art of using human psychology to ethically rev up their buying decision without relying on hard selling.

Sneak Peak:
The stunning power of the "HD Opener" that sends an involuntary message to their brain freezing their body and forcing them to finish your email no matter what (even if they really need to the bathroom already)

"The Anti-Selling Trigger"... use these natural human psychological triggers to plant seeds of persuasion without making you sound sales-y. (Fun fact: This comes from a book that's meant to prevent people from getting "swayed" by sneaky salesmen that accidentally became the instruction manual of marketers).

3. Email Domination

I'll bring you behind the curtain and reveal my favorite (& proven) email strategies that allowed me to live a life where going to work means getting out of bed and opening my laptop.

Sneak Peak:
Sick of getting your emails ignored? With the "4 Buyer Types" ... You'll hit that one message your audience is just begging you to say which turns them from fence-sitters to rabid fans.

And when it's time to put idea into email you'll discover... 3 "piggyback" email hacks that instantly makes them devour your writing like cookie monster to a cookie after 7 days of fasting... even if you think you live a boring life.


On top of that, you'll also get indirect access to the top content from the best programs I've invested over the years.

Total investment? Almost $10,000 (Php500,000)

This workshop is the product of years of sacrificing my leisure time to build my business, and believe me, I protect my time dearly, so if something doesn't work I throw it out.

What you'll get is a cream of the crop from my years of filtering.

This system allowed me to generate several 6-figure launches both locally and abroad (the last one being just a month ago, but that's a story for another email).

As well as...

​And because of the sensitive nature of this knowledge, I only plan on revealing this to just 8 people.

If you want to be one of the 8, listen up.

I've thought about how much to charge for this.

I came up with $500.

Just imagine clearing your plate of all the overwhelm that traps you every day -- from the tons of content you *have* to create to building that brand spanking new website *before* you can start selling anything.

Set all that aside and start fresh!

We'll strip all the crap and get down to business.

We'll get things done in just half a day what frustrated you for weeks, months or years --- using a proven system from someone that got this *ultra flattering* testimonial from an internationally acclaimed email copywriter (and 7-figure earner), my friend, John Pagulayan

I believe that's a fair price.

But since I want to celebrate my first live workshop with you and give back for your support, I want to make this a no-brainer for you.

I won't charge $500...

... not even $400

... nope, not $300

... you can get your seat for just $125.


What PEOPLE Are Saying

He's the BEST right now locally and probably top tier abroad.

That's why anyone who approaches me wanting to learn email marketing, I always tell them about Allan or else they'll be missing out on some world class email marketing training.

John Pagulayan

7-Figure Email Copywriter

Just got a one-hour coaching call with Allan! He is very cool!

I came to him with specific ideas that I wanted to do. He listened, helped me which idea is the best that I have to pursue and new ways of looking at the issues,then helped me to decide!

Ive been planning to do this business for a year a half now but then I was confused which niche should I focus. I appreciate that coaching call with Allan coz it perfectly ended my confusing moment!

Now i know where to start!! A very good coach! Thank you Allan!
Having a coaching call with Allan is truly empowering!

Mary Quinto

Online Entrepreneur

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