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Rambling Relative

Based on the information you’ve shared and the little I know about you and your situation, the most expensive mistake hiding in your emails is what we call the Rambling Relative

Now here's what that means. 

People who commit this mistake understand how a well-crafted story can help convert readers into buyers but writing one of their is as exciting as watching paint dry. 

Their head is all over the place looking for the “right” words to keep the readers  hooked from start to finish. 

And even if they get everything right, one has to navigate the fine line of going from story to selling. Screw this up and they’ll come off  as aggressive or pushy which is just plain ”YUCK!”  

Sounding “natural” doesn’t come… well, naturally.  

Reading an awesome story is like a fairytale. 

Writing one is a total nightmare.

The 8-Letter Word Every Storyteller Must Use To Write Gripping Copy Nobody Can Ignore

Personally, I like to keep things simple. 

All the structures will make sense when you get experience. 

Until then, I just want you to focus on the one thing that drives a story’s drama more than anything else…


What makes a story gripping is not the strength of the hero but the difficulties they have to overcome. 

It’s why we love rags-to-riches stories. 

It’s why we root for the underdog. 

It’s why Avengers would’ve been a total snoozefest if Thanos was a lame villain. 

The story is only as good as the villain. 

It’s easier to relate to problems more than success. 

You can have faulty vocabulary or broken story structure but if your words can mirror their biggest fears and insecurities — readers will reward you with attention. 

That said, this approach is not without its pitfalls. 

In fact, one of the biggest mistakes of people who try this approach is as follows: 

Writing the story gets you in the game...Promoting gets you over the top.

Let me explain.

Think movies.

When a movie is about to be released, you’ll see the stars give interviews, do stunts, and whatever they need to do just to get attention and promote their movie.

With Netflix, you have to write a killer summary (aka logline) to get people interested with what you have to offer.

Here’s (a silly) one from Lucifer that reeled me in. 

You see, left unchecked. It doesn’t matter how well you crafted your story, if you can’t grab your reader’s attention, it’s going to end up in the graveyard of unread emails. 

Subscribers ignore you... 

Open rates will drop... 

Sales will plummet...  

Thankfully there are some practical and achievable steps you can take to avoid those outcomes and to create a high-converting email campaign with zero compromises. 

It all begins with having a Full Stack Email Plan that addresses 3 key areas: Ideation, Attention, Position.

Use this Plan to come up with endless email content that your readers care about, spotting juicy angles that make your emails stand out, coupled with powerful authority positioning that make people want to buy from YOU. 

Now you might be wondering: 

How do you incorporate all THREE of these key points in your email specifically if you want to get maximum attention to your emails without going crazy and without it taking over your entire life?

Well, this is what I do all day, every day… helping coaches and course creators  both new and experienced, to create that Full Stack Email Plan that fits their specific situation. 

And I just so happen to have a step-by-step training on this very topic... 

And because you've made the time to take this quiz and tell me a little about you and your situation, I'd love to hook you up with a 72-Hour access pass to watch this training now for FREE... 

It's called the 3 Insider Secrets to Writing Seductive Copy in Any Niche

So go ahead and do this now while you're on this page and you're thinking about it. 

Simply click the button below to claim your free 72-hour access pass and get instant access to the training. 

I'll see you on the other side minutes from this very moment.

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