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Adrienne Babbitt

Adrienne BabbittUsed my 4-email launch sequence to convert 2% of her tiny list for the seed launch of her Learn With Me Languages program.Breakthrough Client Study SnapshotTHE STORYAdrienne is a language learning coach who has a passion for helping people learn a new language. After validating the need for what she’s offering, she decided to […]

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Jake Rauchbach

Jake RauchbachApplied what we’ve talked about during a consultation to set up his 4-call webinars on MRP Techniques or High-Performance Coaching and get 50+ people to it every single time.Breakthrough Client Study SnapshotTHE STORYJake is a high-performance mindfulness coach who works with athletes. He wanted to actually host a webinar to help people improve certain […]

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