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Jake Rauchbach

March 11, 2021

Jake Rauchbach

Applied what we’ve talked about during a consultation to set up his 4-call webinars on MRP Techniques or High-Performance Coaching and get 50+ people to it every single time.

Breakthrough Client Study Snapshot


Jake is a high-performance mindfulness coach who works with athletes. He wanted to actually host a webinar to help people improve certain areas in their lives but he didn’t know how to set it up.


He reached out to me to consult about the mechanics and intricacies of how to set up a webinar and capturing everything that he needed on the webinar so that he can use it in future product creation. We’re both inside Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula group and that’s where we got connected. And as he said...

“He’s a good human being. And he looks to help other people. And he shares his knowledge, whether be on FB group or just phone calls, or webinar calls you can tell that he knows his stuff. And he’s looking to be of service which is important. That’s why I wanted to speak with him about him helping me.”


He was able to set up his 4-call webinars and get 50+ people to join each call.

THE PROBLEM - “I do high-performance coaching and I was looking to set up my first webinar and I have no idea what I was doing.” 

The webinar is part of his high performance coaching program. It helps athletes be better athletes and perform better.

But setting it up wasn’t easy for him.

He wasn’t sure how everything would work out -- filming the webinar, recording the webinar, turning it into a product. The tech side and also just understanding how to set the webinar up like in terms of what’s the materials will gonna be. 

“I got a 4-call webinar and I wasn’t sure what the calls were gonna be.”

THE ACTION - "My biggest "AHA" moment"

Jake said that he has not gotten help before.

Since setting up a webinar is new to him, he decided to reach out to me as we’re both part of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (PLF) private Facebook group.

“I found Allan in the PLF private FB group. And he shares willingly there. He’s very very gracious with his expertise and that’s how we connected.

The biggest challenge I wanted to solve was how to take my knowledge, my expertise, high performance coaching, and turn it into a product. And Allan helped me do that with his expertise in product creation and email marketing.

He had a track record of what he is sharing in the private FB group. We had initial conversations and I could tell that he knew his stuff. Was willing to help me move forward with my business and I could tell that he cares which is really important.” 

THE TURNING POINT - “It just helped me put together or organize my ideas, organize my content and execute the content and do so over a technology that I wasn’t familiar with.”

Aside from setting up the webinar, Jake also didn’t know how to communicate to people through the webinar.

And one piece of advice I gave him was to ask questions periodically and open up the floor for dialogue.

“I ask questions periodically. Allan suggested asking questions periodically and opening up the floor for dialogue which I did. I was not going to do it beforehand but I did after speaking with Allan which proved to be very very helpful.

The audience is more engaged. Definitely, 100%.

Allan helped me think outside the box, bringing in people to the webinar in different ways so that’s what I did. I called coaches and I also called individual athletes as well as connect with parents which allowed a diverse group of people to be on the webinar calls which I would not have done without speaking to Allan and having his guidance in that department.”

THE RESULTS - “It went great.”

After Jake applied what we’ve talked about during the consultation, he was able to get 50+ people to his 4-call webinars.

“We had 50+ people on every call. More than I thought there would be. I was able to successfully film the webinar and I was able to get market research.”

And more than just the webinar outcome, he said, “He helped me turn market research and the market data that we receive in the webinar into a real life flagship product.”

He was very willing and available to answer my questions. He provided expertise in the different areas of topics that we talked about. He was caring. He followed up properly. These are things that are uncommon in today’s business world.

I love working with Allan. He has an unbelievable personality. Unbelievably open and willing to share. An overall nice guy. He knows his stuff and is easy to talk to. He’s easy to bounce ideas with. He always seems like he has time for you which is amazing.

He provides enormous value for his clients.

I will a thousand percent recommend Allan to everybody that wanted to take their business to the next level because 3 main elements: he’s honorable, he knows his stuff, and he’s looking to be of service.”

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