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Blockbuster! The 6 Step Story Structure That Hollywood Uses to Turn Plain Vanilla Tales into Huge Hits


In this episode, we're going to talk all about storytelling. We have Michael Hauge, an in-demand story coach from Hollywood screenwriters to online entrepreneurs.  He's going to share how we can use his 6 step story structure in our email marketing to build rapport with our audience and bring out the powerful buying emotions that can take your sales to the next level. 


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    Discover the 3 biggest reasons why stories can cut through the clutter and make people willingly pull out their wallets for you (Hint: It has nothing to do with the features of your product).
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    Michael tells a story on the spot complete with easy-to-follow explanation on why each steps matter and ties it in a nice little ribbon at the end. Don't miss this!
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    The #1 Question Michael Wishes People Ask You About Storytelling (and the one thing he wants people stop asking him about!)



PASSIVE DOMINATION: How I Grew My Email Open Rate From 20% to 70% in a Crowded Market Without Changing a Word of Copy



Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income Podcast which has gotten over 30 million downloads drops by to talk all about email marketing and it’s impact on his business.

We talk about the power of laser-targeting your message to the right segment of your audience, the monthly habit that Pat uses to get the pulse of his audience while making them feel they won the jackpot and some surprising personal tidbits you didn’t know about Pat.


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    The ingenious way Pat found the subtitle of his best-selling book (and why he doesn’t want to sell it to everyone).
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    The one question that single-handedly changed the way Pat ran his business. 
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    How I accidentally made him feel “guilty” about email marketing.
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    What he would’ve done if were to start from scratch (and the #1 mistake that caused his posts to flop).
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    His “go-to” site for content ideas (Do this right and Google will love you to bits for using it).


How TGFI Accidentally Ran a Six-Figure Launch in Less Than A Week (with Zero Advertising)

Listen to "How TGFI Accidentally Ran a Six-Figure Launch in Less Than A Week" here:

It was a busy Thursday evening.

I had just wrapped up my Facebook Live interview with Floi Wycoco of The Global Filipino Investors about blog monetization. It was very well-received.

But what we discussed when the camera stopped rolling “accidentally” became the juiciest part of the night.

The Black Friday shopping spree was just around the corner.

TGFI already had a promo in place. We talked about a specific strategy they could test (as I’ve seen it work for me).  It won’t cost them any additional expense, won’t take any more man hours than they were already putting in and they can do it in just a couple of hours.

As I was on my way home, they hurriedly went back to the office to make it happen.

Less than a week later, they had easily 4x their sales in 1/3 the time with ZERO advertising expense.

Listen to the interview on how they did it.

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Sniper Aim: Get Highly Targeted Leads with Just 2 Simple Tweaks | Digital Solopreneur

Sniper Aim: Get Highly Targeted Leads with Just 2 Simple Tweaks

Just like any kid, I was curious the first time I saw a magnet magically pulled a paper clip.

Mind blown.

You then go around trying to “magnetize” everything you can see.

It was super exciting!

Unfortunately, that mentality tends to carry over when we create a blog. That’s the case as well with our Divine Ayungo C.P.A.

She tries to attract everyone she sees as potential clients but wind up finding some “bad apples” that cause her to get white-hair inducing headache. (just an expression, I’m sure she has wonderful hair)

That’s not all.

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