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One to Many – How to Use Webinars to Establish Instant Authority, Create Rabid Fans and Explode Sales with Joel Erway

August 28, 2018


"Why would people buy from me? I'm not an authority in my niche."

Is this holding you back?

If it is, then I have good news for you.

No one is born with authority (unless you're royalty).

One more thing. Just because a person is perceived as an authority by most doesn't mean he's an authority in the eyes of EVERYONE. 

There is always room for more.

And one of the fastest ways to do that is through webinars.

In this episode, highly sought-after webinar consultant, Joel Erway of The Webinar Agency will take you behind the scenes on what it takes to run a successful webinar.

We'll talk about how to structure your webinar, what you should share in your webinar (& why teaching kills your sales), how to remove that lump in your throat as you transition from the content to the pitch and a whole lot more!

Note: This interview is part of Inbox Society's Expert Interview series where we invite industry leaders to share best practices in complimentary fields that'll grow your email-powered online business.

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  • Why teaching is killing your webinar. Discover the #1 thing you should talk about in your webinar.
  • How to start selling BEFORE you even get to the offer.
  • Awkward No More! How to confidently switch from content to pitch minus the ‘guilt’
  • Copy Joel’s ‘Swiss Army Knife’ presentation structure that works for webinars, FB Lives, live presentations etc.
  • Script Hack: How Joel Comes up with a FULL webinar script without typing any of it (Okay, he writes the outline but this single hack will make watching this video worth it.)


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