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Instant Customers: The Secret to Turning Cold Traffic into Lifelong Fans with Brian Cassingena

March 3, 2021


Discover the secrets to writing email copy that turns strangers into customers in 7 days or less.

I sat down with funnel master Brian Cassingena and talked about his secret in converting his leads right after they opted in. He also shared his strategy in making his offer a no brainer.

(Note: Timestamps are available in the "Show Notes" below so you can jump to your favorite part instantly)

Show Notes

(7:17) How Brian got started with Copywriting

(3:26) Why having a good track record isn’t enough to succeed...and what simple thing Brian did to land a job at well known organizations

(3:26) The ONE THING you can do to land a job at highly prestigious organizations like Mindvalley (it is often ignored by other copywriters)

(5:48) Why it’s important to convert your leads upon opt in AND why you need to track them

(5:48) The lifetime value of those who purchase a one time offer (and why you need to convert your leads right at the start). That’s the time they’re most interested. The longer you wait the less results you have.

(9:02) Examples of one-time-offer that converts BETTER. Go to option for short courses.

(10:42) How you can convert your leads pretty quickly upon opt in. Reconciling trust (takes time) and converting them to customers (instant). Proof and risk-reversal. Immediate need for a solution.

(10:42) 2 ways you can easily convert your leads right away

(15:14) Confused on how many emails to send? Brian gives a walkthrough of his emails that convert cold traffic faster. Ideal length of email are around 5-7 days. Sweet Spot. What are the emails he sends.

(16:12) What’s the ideal number of emails to send AND convert like crazy

(17:19) The basic yet powerful principle you can use to make a lot of sales (backed by scientific research)

(17:57) What type of email Brian sends that makes his audience cry out for more.

(19:08) Biggest misconception about content emails. (Content and sales email should be the same)

(19:08) How to make your offer a no-brainer

(19:44) The perfect way of handling objections in selling a boring (yet popular) course. Perfect content. (Strategic to handle objection) Moves them closer to sale.

(22:13) The FREE app that Brian uses (and you too) to make your writing process smooth as silk

(23:30) What makes someone open an email (It’s NOT just the subject line)

(26:21) The biggest mistake Brian made with emails (Hint: It has nothing to do with copy).
(26:21) The single most important key to writing copy that sells

(27:47) The ONLY thing that matters when writing an email sequence (Your open rate and click through rate DON’T mean anything if you fail at this)

(29:52) The research strategy Brian LOVES to use to get to know his audience BETTER (It’s ignored by most copywriters). Using the Phone to research. Cuts through people’s personal and talk to their true self. Unmask them.

(35:28) The single biggest challenge when writing an email copy (and how you can easily brush it off)

(35:28) Need confidence? Brian’s $1 solution to skyrocket your copywriting confidence especially if you’re a total beginner.

(40:41) Email Marketing vs Messenger Bots vs Push Notifications: Who will win out?

Allan Ngo

Allan is the founder of Digital Solopreneur. He believes that everyone can self-generate revenue by providing a positive impact through ethical email marketing. He runs an exclusive training program for serious email marketers.


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