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How Email Marketing Allowed This Pinoy Teacher To Make A Full-Time Income (While Staying in a First World Country)

July 23, 2019


In this video, we’re going to talk about personal finance and how a solopreneur is crushing this market

I sat down with J3 Patino of Pinoy Money Academy to talk about how he generates consistent income mainly through emails (no ad spend). He also shared with me his “cheating” style when it comes to writing emails that sells.

(Note: Timestamps are available in the "Show Notes" below so you can jump to your favorite part instantly)

Show Notes

4:40 - Two “Pangromansa Techniques” that keeps his students glued to his training videos until the end

6:20 - Exactly how much of J3’s business comes from emails

7:25 - His favorite list building strategies

9:47 - DEMONSTRATION: The “Cheating Method” to write emails fast

16:40 - How adding humor increases engagement and makes writing emails a whole lot more fun. (Plus, J3 reveals his favorite subject line that made his audience laugh… literally).

18:22 - Discover why J3 refused to run Black Friday Sale (and why he increased his product 10x instead)

24:18 - How many emails should I write? Forever na ba ito?

29:35 - A funny story of how a young J3 handled a troll (and how he deals with them now)

31:25 - How to deal with the emotional roller coaster of running an online business as a solopreneur

39:20 - How did J3’s spouse reacted to his career (w/ a special appearance from his daughter)

44:30 - What’s the biggest thing that surprised you about email marketing?

46:30 - What’s your most expensive mistake in business?

50:00 - Emails are an _ _ _ _ _

54:00 - How to create a back end funnel that runs 24/7 and deposits cash to your bank account while you chill

Allan Ngo

Allan is the founder of Digital Solopreneur. He believes that everyone can self-generate revenue by providing a positive impact through ethical email marketing. He runs an exclusive training program for serious email marketers.


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