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Email List Building: 100+ New Leads with Zero Ad Spend

May 21, 2019


Do you want to know the secret to build a massive email list of qualified leads for free?

In this interview, Jay Castillo of, one of THE most respected authority sites on real estate, shares his strategy for building a HUGE email list (92,455 to be exact as of this writing) without spending on ads. 

(Note: Timestamps are available in the "Show Notes" below so you can jump to your favorite part instantly)

Show Notes

Jay’s life before becoming an online entrepreneur (and how this nice guy got the reputation of being “galit sa tanga”) (4:50)

The horrifying episode that changed Jay’s view of work forever (9:01)

The one book that made this family man ditch a lucrative IT career and start a career in a totally different market as a total nobody (14:35)

How Jay turned “garbage” advice that his smart friends ignored into his flagship blog post that now generates millions of visits a year. (18:40)

The #1 way the blog is making money (Hint: It’s totally passive) (20:55)

The exact number of monthly unique visitors to get accepted into ad networks that earn you 2x-3x more than Google Adsense (25:35)

How Jay is collecting 100+ new email subscribers from free traffic (and the exact copy he used to grab them) (30:05)

How long should you blog to see organic traffic (and the one type of post that has the longest life) (36:35)

A simple hack that can give you consistent traffic...even if you stop working (42:05)

The one cue that tells Jay when to open his course again (It involves segmenting) (43:56)

The type of email he sends (& how often does he do it) (46:55)

The secret question Jay asks BEFORE a product launch that always boosts his sales (based on experience, hindi sa libro) (53:05)

The most surprising thing Jay discovered about email marketing (AND why he doesn’t care even if Facebook don’t approve his ads (57:25)

The most expensive business mistake Jay made (Hint: He could’ve bought real estate with this)(1:03:55)

Jay’s four-letter “safety blanket” when everyone around him (including his family) is belittling his online career. (1:05:50)

Allan Ngo

Allan is the founder of Digital Solopreneur. He believes that everyone can self-generate revenue by providing a positive impact through ethical email marketing. He runs an exclusive training program for serious email marketers.


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