Adrienne Babbitt

April 23, 2020

Adrienne Babbitt

Used my 4-email launch sequence to convert 2% of her tiny list for the seed launch of her Learn With Me Languages program.

Breakthrough Client Study Snapshot


Adrienne is a language learning coach who has a passion for helping people learn a new language. After validating the need for what she’s offering, she decided to create and launch her Learn with Me Languages program. She also has a tiny email list to which she regularly communicates.


She reached out to me to write the email sequence for the seed launch of her Learn with Me Languages program. We’re both inside Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula group and that’s where we got connected. And as she said...

“And that’s when I don’t only feel like I have the tools now but I feel like I can just go for this right now.”


We converted 2% of her tiny list without spending a dime on ads.

THE PROBLEM - “I was learning these marketing methods but I don’t exactly know how it would look like for my business, particularly with the copy that I was preparing for my PLF-style launch.”

She gives talks about language learning without charging any fees. She does it to develop an audience and refine what she can offer.

To her surprise, there was so much interest and engagement among the participants in her talks. That made her start to think that there is really a market for it. She wanted to create and launch a program that would help her audience even more. But she didn’t know how to actually reach people and initially thought she could do it via blogs or a podcast.

And when it comes to writing email copy, she said, “I just had what I thought they would be interested in. And the only way I know if they work or not is the open rates. I haven’t really marketed a product to them before. So all I knew is that people are opening it but I didn’t know how much they are reading or if they like it.

I consider myself a good writer but I didn’t know how to do marketing writing.”

Since it was a seed launch, she was producing the video content for it. She was implementing the launch so all of her videos were not pre-recorded in advance. She created a script for the masterclass and she did follow-up videos so for her, “just having that one piece of work taken off so I could focus on the things that I couldn’t delegate” is really big.

THE ACTION - "My biggest "AHA" moment"

Adrienne admitted that she can be well spoken but being well spoken doesn’t always convert to grabbing interest.

So she reached out to me as we’re both part of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (PLF).

“I notice not just your positivity in the PLF group but also your willingness to help people in different ways -- in comments, in posts.

I could say you’re an authentic person and when we got into a call I was impressed that you listened to the whole reason why I was doing this.You’re able to find commonalities in the whole experience of being bilingual that made you understood my business.

Just the way you presented, like how you could help me, how it could open up a door to work together in the future or not -- I thought it was a great approach.”

THE TURNING POINT - “You were able to write emails that spoke with my voice... that spoke about my experience.”

We decided to have a 4 email sequence with the first one talking about her BIG WHY which also served as our prelaunch.

We agreed to have a 3-day launch, with the open cart being placed after the BIG WHY email.
According to Adrienne, “Honestly when we first talked about it I think you’ll produce something that was more generic than what you did. What you produced actually referenced experiences and my underlying motivations for doing this. And it talked about in a really compelling way.”

She said she liked the way I use different sentence structure to really get the reader to pause and to evoke different emotions.

“I consider myself a good writer but it’s straightforward business type of writing, but your writing is more narrative. I’m learning hook story offer and if I didn’t have you, I’m gonna be doing straightforward writing.

She was initially hesitant to send a long email but…

“The one email that you wrote was long but got the most responses. A ton of people read it and I got clicks from that. I got open rates, I got comments.

You understand the time and place to make things concise, the time and place to make things factual, the time and place to make things to really tell a story to people and draw them in.

To me, brevity is always better. People only have their attention held so much but what I’ve learned is that if you hook people right in the beginning they will keep reading. If it’s interesting, they will keep reading. The same goes for videos. I think I’ve seen the value of that when it’s done right.”

THE RESULTS - “I got enrollees from a tiny list.”

After 3 days of open cart, we converted 2% of her tiny list to join her Learn with Me Languages program.

And more than just the email copy, she said, “considering that you’re on the other side of the world, you were very prompt. You’re very positive and understanding of my busy schedules and the time frames I was on.”

And looking at her competitors…

“They’re not storytelling. Honestly, they’re not giving. They’re focusing more on their products and the transformation that they experience but with me I have the transformation of my family and my life.

And what I’ve learned is that is what sells and not necessarily your product. These people would want the same transformation that you had and you could convey that in a way that would make them say I want it and the only way I could have it is through what you’re offering.”