Marc Allen

April 28, 2020

Has helped his client get P107K in 2 weeks from an inactive list of 900 people using the launch sequence training inside Inbox Society. 

Breakthrough Client Study Snapshot


Marc is an entrepreneur who’s been into sales businesses, real estate and insurance. He tried doing online business -- selling his own products like ebook and online course. Sadly, his side businesses didn’t work but they helped him develop his copywriting skill.


He usually works with clients who have warm leads.

But this time, someone asked for his help to monetize a cold list.

Minsan gusto kong mag-experiment na parang kaya ko gawin na magconvert sa cold email. Kasi kadalasan ng nagagawa ko eh medyo warm na kasi nga customer database kadalasang tinatrabaho ko. Pero if kaya ko magconvert ng cold emails kasi mas lalong tataas yung confidence ko so tinanggap ko sya.”


He helped his client get P107K in 2 weeks from an inactive list of 900 people using the launch sequence training inside Inbox Society. 

THE PROBLEM - “The list is dead, yung wala masyadong interaction... Hindi malinaw kung ano talaga yun gusto nya i-offer, so medyo yun talaga yung challenge.”

Marc thinks that the list is dead. And according to him...

“The way he got his list is more of like parang iba-iba, either mga friends or colleagues before and may iba na parang from Facebook ads. Hindi malinaw kung ano talaga yun gusto nya ioffer, so medyo yun talaga yung challenge.”

THE ACTION - "My biggest "AHA" moment"

Since Marc will be writing for a cold list, he thought of warming them up first.

“One of the first things that I did dito sa campaign is itry ko muna na maging warm ng konti yun email dahil nga cold sya di ba. And one of the best thing to do that is isa sa mga natutunan ko dito sa Inbox Society and sa mga iba naming friends dito sa industry is yung to ask them what are their biggest challenge di ba, just to start with.

Because if I know what are the biggest challenge of the group then dun ko kukunin yung mga ilalagay ko sa email sequence. So yun ang naging first step ko. The last thing I wanna do when it comes to writing email sequences is to guess kung ano isusulat.”

THE TURNING POINT - “The last email was 2 months and yung last email na yun parang once a month na wala pang masyadong reply.” 

Using the subject line “Your advice please,” Marc sent out an email asking the cold list about their biggest challenge.

“Interestingly enough, after ko mag-send ng questionnaires nakakuha ako ng I think mga 50 responses.

And yung open rate is around 30%, out of around 200 plus people na nag-respond. And from that, siyempre doon din papasok na yung genuine care sa email ko, na parang I know matagal din akong di nakapag-email but I am thinking of preparing something special for you guys so yun parang yung genuine concern lang sa list mo.”

Finding out what their challenge is helped him craft his email.

“Once na nakita ko na yung biggest challenge nila, eto na yung challenge. Wala kaming idea kung ano yun pinaka-focus nung group kasi more on personal development sya pero dapat mas maging specific pa tayo.

The more specific we are the more compelling our copy will be and yung ang tinatry ko hanapin. Na-realize ko after ko magtanong ng biggest challenge na question is yung mga tao challenged sila pagdating sa money matters. 

THE RESULTS - “We generated P107K in 2 weeks from an inactive list of 900 people.”

In writing the email sequence, what he did was to watch the masterclass of John Pagulayan about 8-figure email launch, which can be found inside Inbox Society.

“Yung video ni John, finollow ko lang yun and then I started a template. I’m more of a guy kasi na di ako masyado nag-aantay ng someone to help me but if there’s a sample already I try to figure things out.

Yung sequence namin I think in 2 weeks nagsend lang kami ng emails 3x a week, so mga 6 emails. I think mga 7 or 8 pala kasi yung last day siempre dun yun closure, last call so I had a couple of emails.”

And when it comes to writing emails, this is what Marc says.

“The way I write emails is more of like three things talaga: the first one is I always look for the symptom kung nasaan sila ngayon and because that is what will get their attention, so if they’re talking about money then I will talk about money pagdating sa subject line ng email.

But yung pagkuha ng attention is just 5% ng buong email ko. Then the next part is more of shedding some light, more of giving them some AHA moment, shedding some light on their current problems and helping them see the problem a bit differently.

And then yun ending pa din is more on just writing stories, metaphor or an analogy that will reaffirm yung point ng sinasabi ko and then call to action. Ganun yung framework sa akin and alam ko maraming different frameworks pero for me, di ko naman nakakabisado lahat ng frameworks. So ako I stick to that kind.”

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