Marco Del Rosario

April 24, 2020

This is how Marco, a Google Ads guy, used the email structure, templates and Masterclass found inside Inbox Society to help his client add a cool $1,600 to his bottom line even if he has zero experience in writing emails.

Inbox Society Spotlight


Marco is an undergrad who came across a course on digital marketing that eventually helped him land a job as a Google ads specialist. Instead of going back to school, he decided to become a full-time freelancer as he and his wife are already expecting their baby.


A client of his, who teaches real estate investors, wanted him to do a paid traffic for a live event.

Since this is a referral from another client, ayaw niyang mapahiya.

“I decided na to ensure na mag-succeed talaga kasi I was working on this with a partner so nakakahiya. And ni-recommend ako ng isa kong client dito so nakakahiya kung di ko mabigay yung result. 

So as an extra push to get those results I decided to apply what I’m learning sa Inbox Society, particularly in-apply ko yung mga natutunan ko sa Email Games, email sequence tska sa Expert Interview ni John Pagulayan yung 8-figure email sequence.” 


He helped his client get additional sales of $1,600 by simply following the email structure he learned inside Inbox Society.

“Masaya na din ako na nakuha ko yung result na yun kasi una, first time ko sumulat at di naman biro yung offer.” 

THE PROBLEM - “We’re launching it by December which is a holiday season. Natatakot ako na baka walang masyadong bumili. Kasi ubos na pera nila eh.” 

The event that he marketed happened on January 4th. The challenge was kulang na sa oras mag-prepare since he only pitched by November and he still needed to optimize the Facebook ads.

“I only pitched FB ads and yung binili niya FB ads lang talaga. But I was worried na baka di gumana.”

THE ACTION - "My biggest "AHA" moment"

To make better use of time since it will take a while before he can make any changes on the ads, he thought of writing emails to promote the event.

He wanted to apply what he learned inside the Inbox Society in a real life situation. And it was a perfect opportunity for him.

“Thankfully noong binanggit ko sa kanila na I’m gonna write an email sequence as well, parang open naman sila.”

THE TURNING POINT - “Nahirapan lang talaga ako doon sa storytelling part ng email. In-apply ko yung isang tinuro ni Coach Allan sa 30-Minute Emails Workshop.”

Marco shared that the Email Games and the Masterclass with John Pagulayan about 8-Figure Email Sequence helped him a lot in writing the emails for his client.

“Since what I was doing is for events, what I did was pinag-combine ko yung principle ng dalawang yun to what I think was applicable sa events.

Yung format sobrang dali lang eh kasi yung resources na binigay ng Inbox Society parang naka-layout na, so yung format di ko na pinag-isipan yun.

Nahirapan lang talaga ko yung storytelling part -- where to find the right stories. So in-apply ko yung isang tinuro mo sa 30-minute emails. And through that, nalaman ko yung challenges nila and stories nila.”

He just relied on principles behind the email samples he saw inside Inbox Society.

“Yun na lang inasahan ko, yung principles. Na-lessen yung urge for me to reinvent the wheel. I don’t have the skills and the knowledge, all I could do was to follow what I think already works.

THE RESULTS - “Sales from the emails happened on the last day. We made $1,600 from around 300 people na nag-oopen ng emails.” 

Marco came up with 7 emails -- with 3 emails being sent on the last day.

“Nung ni-launch ko na siya, when emails are being sent, I noticed di nagse-sell yung initial emails. Kinakabahan ako.”

But thankfully, sales from the emails happened on the last day. He said his client was happy with the results.

“And because I made him a profit and happy siya sa sales, sa ads and sa emails, he’s willing to work in future events. Yung ang happy ending dun.”

This win has surprised him in two ways.

“First surprise is it’s easier than expected lalo na yung sa Email Games, there’s already templates and ang daming guides sa loob ng Inbox Society.

Sobrang layo ng kakailanganin kong effort if I’m just doing it on my own without any kind of guidance. I doubt na I’ll get that result.

Second, surprising din na nagkaroon ako ng sales kasi I never sent an email before. I’ve never written an email sequence before. Applying what I learned, I was surprised na it worked.”

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