Tristan Cristobal: How an ex-OFW found his way back to Pinas via Entrepreneurship

April 15, 2016

Tristan is a young family man who came back home to the Philippines after a 5-year stint in Saudi Arabia.

This was no accident. He created a 5 year plan to come back financially healthy in the Philippines.

He discovered entrepreneurship along the way both – traditional and online.

Listen to his amazing story below:

0:22 Who is Tristan and who’s a good fit for Internet Business Master Class
3:13 What are your (financial) results from from Jon’s traning?
8:48 What made you decide to join IBMC?
9:53 The obstacles that held Tristan back from joining the course
10:50 How he overcame these challenges
12:40 Traditional Business vs Online Business
15:02 How risk can be reduced (even removed) when starting an online business
15:31 Challenges every newbie faces in an internet business
17:01 How long did it take Tristan to launch his first ebook
18:36 DIY & Outsource: How did Tristan product his first ebook?
19:51 Mahirap ba and online business? You’re asking the wrong question. Find out what is.
20:32 When was your first sale? How did it feel?

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