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Beginner’s Guide to Selling Digital Products

March 29, 2017


Do you know you can earn without - employees, inventory, or even a store?

With an online business, you definitely can.

In this radio interview with Jayson Lo of Tayo Na Man of DZAS 702, we’ll talk about leveraging the power of the internet to create a one-person business built from selling digital products.

Watch it here:

Can’t miss moments in the interview:

  • What Shaquille O’Neal’s shoes (NBA Player) taught me about business (& why I decided to focus on digital products).
  • The TV show that’ll give you an MBA in selling.

  • Why internet era is the golden age for shy-types to start a successful business.

  • 2 books I recommend in helping you persuade people without being sales-y.

“Aha!” Moment

It’s been said that you learn better by teaching others, so if you want to actually remember what you learned, I suggest you share the biggest lesson you learned in the comments section below.

Remember what you learned by passing it on.


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Allan says

Love it! Tumatak talaga sa akin yung story about the shoes. I vividly remember reflecting on that while hanging out in my cousin’s home. Madami kasi silang cool shoes and di ko maiwasan mainggit. Now that I’m older, I value the hard work and maturity it takes to be able to afford those. In short, I find the symbolism behind the shoe more important than the buying shoe itself.

Diana says

This interview was so mind blowing because of the overflowing tips from Allan. I had to replay a lot of parts so I can listen to them again and take down notes. I personally like his experience with Shaq’s shoes. It really was an eye opener. And being someone who’s also an introvert in a way, I can really relate with Allan, especially in doing sales. I will definitely watch those home TV shopping more to get lots of tips. I’ll do affiliate marketing again, this time with a mindset influenced by Allan. A lot of values in a free interview. Thank you so much, Allan! More power!

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