The Unsexy Truth About Pursuing Your Dream (& Why You Still Do it Anyway)

May 7, 2017

"Pursue your dream!"

It makes for a great soundbite or a shareable quote card on Facebook.

The reality though is as unsexy as hell.

Powering each pursuit are countless hours of focused study, hard work, and frustrating mistakes.

All of which happens behind closed doors.

Hardly any witnesses.

You can feel...




Heck, you may even be labeled as a weirdo.

So why even bother?


You want to live a life you deserve. (Yes, the one and only life you have)

We are blessed to have the freedom to be who we want to be.

Not everyone is afforded that opportunity.

If you're not happy, don't complain, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

It's hard.

It can be thankless.

You may even feel alone.

But the journey, the growth, and by God's will, the realization of turning your dreams into a reality is going to be well worth it.

Most of all, it gives your children the license to do the same.

So for those who are pursuing their dreams (especially those who are in a rough patch right now)...

...cheers to all you freakin' weirdos!

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Allan says

Welcome to the club!

Peter says

Thanks! Glad I’m a weirdo! 😉

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