How I Charge Premium Clients $2,000 and up By Simply Asking Questions by Ann Irza

October 3, 2017


Ann Irza, a direct response marketer and an Ask Method specialist drops by to give us an inside look at how the Ask Method has helped her start a business from zero to profitable in just 8 weeks in an obscure (but highly profitable) niche and how branding herself as an Ask Method specialist paid back her ENTIRE investment in the course with just one premium client.


  • Zero to Hero: How asking smart questions allowed Ann to start a profitable business in just 8 weeks in an obscure (but profitable) niche that she doesn't know anything about.
  • Her "One Stop Service" freelancing approach that allowed her to charge $2,000 - $5,000 a pop by offering her services as an Ask Method specialist (Hint: You don't even have to finish the entire course to start offering this).
  • Is it Lego or Legos? Why the answer to this question can mean the difference between capturing your audience's ears (and do whatever you want with it) and being ignored for ever.

Allan Ngo

Allan is the founder of Digital Solopreneur. He believes that everyone can self-generate revenue by providing a positive impact through ethical email marketing. He runs an exclusive training program for serious email marketers.


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