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Beginner’s Guide to Selling Digital Products


Do you know you can earn without - employees, inventory, or even a store?

With an online business, you definitely can.

In this radio interview with Jayson Lo of Tayo Na Man of DZAS 702, we’ll talk about leveraging the power of the internet to create a one-person business built from selling digital products.

Watch it here:

Can’t miss moments in the interview:

  • What Shaquille O’Neal’s shoes (NBA Player) taught me about business (& why I decided to focus on digital products).
  • The TV show that’ll give you an MBA in selling.

  • Why internet era is the golden age for shy-types to start a successful business.

  • 2 books I recommend in helping you persuade people without being sales-y.

“Aha!” Moment

It’s been said that you learn better by teaching others, so if you want to actually remember what you learned, I suggest you share the biggest lesson you learned in the comments section below.

Remember what you learned by passing it on.


How TGFI Accidentally Ran a Six-Figure Launch in Less Than A Week (with Zero Advertising)

Listen to "How TGFI Accidentally Ran a Six-Figure Launch in Less Than A Week" here:

It was a busy Thursday evening.

I had just wrapped up my Facebook Live interview with Floi Wycoco of The Global Filipino Investors about blog monetization. It was very well-received.

But what we discussed when the camera stopped rolling “accidentally” became the juiciest part of the night.

The Black Friday shopping spree was just around the corner.

TGFI already had a promo in place. We talked about a specific strategy they could test (as I’ve seen it work for me).  It won’t cost them any additional expense, won’t take any more man hours than they were already putting in and they can do it in just a couple of hours.

As I was on my way home, they hurriedly went back to the office to make it happen.

Less than a week later, they had easily 4x their sales in 1/3 the time with ZERO advertising expense.

Listen to the interview on how they did it.

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Sniper Aim: Get Highly Targeted Leads with Just 2 Simple Tweaks | Digital Solopreneur

Sniper Aim: Get Highly Targeted Leads with Just 2 Simple Tweaks

Just like any kid, I was curious the first time I saw a magnet magically pulled a paper clip.

Mind blown.

You then go around trying to “magnetize” everything you can see.

It was super exciting!

Unfortunately, that mentality tends to carry over when we create a blog. That’s the case as well with our Divine Ayungo C.P.A.

She tries to attract everyone she sees as potential clients but wind up finding some “bad apples” that cause her to get white-hair inducing headache. (just an expression, I’m sure she has wonderful hair)

That’s not all.

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6 Powerful Principles to Turn Indifferent Prospects to Happy Customers Even If You Can’t Sell | Digital Solopreneur

6 Powerful Principles to Turn Indifferent Prospects into Happy Customers Even If You Can’t Sell | Digital Solopreneur


Tell me what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word… Salesman.


Got it?

I bet they aren’t flattering. Words like “pushy”, “sleazy”, and “greedy” comes to mind.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Here are 6 powerful persuasion principles to turn your indifferent prospects into happy customers MINUS they yucky salesman stigma.

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How to Go From Employee to Entrepreneur... Without Quitting Your Job | Digital Solopreneur

How to Go From Employee to Entrepreneur… Without Quitting Your Job

Click Here to Download the Interview

Today, I’m joined by Coach Edwin Soriano. He’s the author of the book, Be Hungry Happy and a passionate life coach who aims to help his clients become upgraded versions of themselves.

He’s here to help coach you through the decision making process of making that (scary) jump into entrepreneurship, whether part-time or full-time.

In this interview, I ask Edwin about your burning questions about making the jump : How do I know if I’m ready to do it? How do I prepare for it financially? What can I do to prepare myself if I have no business background?

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